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Petuk Ji Pvt. Ltd., an esteemed MULTINATIONAL START-UP that proudly bear the recognition of industry leaders Google and MeitY as one of India's elite top 100 startups. Our operational reach stretches across the vibrant landscapes of INDIA and SOUTH AFRICA and actively engaged in discussions to expand our presence into other promising territories. At Petuk Ji, we transcend the traditional definition of a company, we are a dynamic marketplace, energizing networked digital commerce.

Our focus is on empowering driven entrepreneurs to seamlessly establish their ventures within the food and grocery delivery sector, fostering collaborations with local vendors. We present versatile avenues for participation, enabling aspiring business owners to either embrace a comprehensive model or specialize within specific verticals. Whether launching under our esteemed brand or their distinctive identity, individuals can embark on their journey with minimal investment. In our commitment to fostering partnerships over profit, we relinquish the notion of franchise fees ( No Upfront fees*). Instead, we kindle investment for amplified business expansion.

Simultaneously, We're reshaping local vendors into digital-ready entities while ensuring consumers access products at highly competitive, optimal prices. Demonstrating our dedication to innovation, we lend our support to India's ONDC network, solidifying our stance as trailblazers within the industry too. Additionally At Petukji, we strive to provide you with a seamless and convenient experience for all your culinary requirements. Whether you're craving a delicious pizza, a juicy burger, crispy fries, a fresh veggies or fruits, or high-quality meat, we've got you covered.

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