Petuk Ji Franchise Opportunity

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What is Petuk Ji Franchise ?

Petuk Ji franchise offers individuals the chance to own and operate a food and grocery delivery outlet in their local area, connecting local sellers directly with buyers. With a focus on fresh produce and restaurant food, Petuk Ji revolutionizes the food and grocery delivery sector.

How Petuk Ji Works

Petuk Ji connects local sellers of various products with buyers, ensuring fresh deliveries directly from known sellers. By joining Petuk Ji as a franchise owner, you contribute to the local economy and community welfare.

Owning a Petuk Ji franchise offers numerous benefits, including:

Minimal Investment

Low initial investment in the industry.

ROI of 39%

High Return on Investment.

Additional Income through Online Delivery

Access to extra revenue streams

Partnership with Local Sellers and Food Joints

Collaborations with local businesses.

Ability to Create Promotions

Flexibility to showcase items and run promotions.

Exceptional Returns of 130% Yearly

High yearly returns on investmen

Why Choose Petuk Ji

Opportunity to run your own business with the support of an established brand

Benefit from the brand's recognition and the network of other franchisees, which can help you grow your business.

Take advantage of the resources and training provided by Petuk to help you succeed in your business venture.

Get Started with Petuk Ji

Step into the world of food and grocery delivery with Petuk Ji. Join us in transforming the delivery sector and supporting local sellers and entrepreneurs.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1:) What is the initial investment required to become a Petuk Ji franchise owner?

Ans1:) 50k to 99k depending upon franchise type , rest working capital

Q2:) How does the revenue-sharing model work?

Ans2:) If you will earn than we will earn

Q3:) What support and training are provided to franchisees?

Ans3:) Everything and depending upon franchsie type

Q4:) What is royalty fees?

Ans4:) Royalties is revenue sharing basis. For Franchise type-1 its 8%(1st year) than 10%. For Franchise type-2 its 10%(1st year) than 10%. Calculation for both is different.

Q5:) What I need to do in this?

Ans5:) Franchise will own his/her location’s business, hence has to do everything to run business including but not limited to day to day operation etc. that is needed for this type of business

Q6:) Is there any other cost involved post franchise cost?

Ans6:) Yes, franchise cost is just to give infra, brand name to use along with the guidance & more but yes there are more for your investment like marketing budget etc.

Q7:) Can We outsource things?

Ans7:) Yes! you can but we suggest that you handle at your end or give responsibility to us for better control.

Q8:) Can we take any one franchise from two types

Ans8:) Yes you can opt as per your choice and price will be reduced.